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Artist Statement


As an artist and educator, my work is often technique driven. A recent series, My Garden, focuses on explorations with textured surfaces providing the imagery through a textile process often referred to as deconstructed screen printing. Textured items such as bubble wrap, plastic lace table cloths, and hot glue gun generated shapes are arranged under a silk screen, dye is applied to the screen and left to dry. Then the image is transferred onto fabric by pulling additional dye across the screen. The dye dried in the screen acts as a resist and slowly dissolves creating an ever changing image. The uncertainty and creative possibilities of adding threads and texture with the sewing machine continues to feed my imagination.


Another technique, Japanese shibori, continues to show up in my work. Small segments of shibori dyed silk organza, joined by small seams, form filmy wall pieces that stir with the slightest breeze, taking on a life of their own. This work tells a story of history and mystery much like layers of stone on a canyon wall tells tales of ancient seas, trilobites and chemical processes. The three dimensional possibilities of shibori provide interesting textures for costumes and sculptural wall pieces.


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